Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gossip Girl-- As Tacky as Ridiculing Dead American Heroes

I'm not going to write much this week, mostly because I'm offended by the insensitivity of the usually current-event-savvy writers. Do none of them realize the obvious parallel in this weeks car crash (in which a congressman flees a car accident) to Senator Kennedy's Martha's Vineyard tragedy? And if they do, how dare they include such a plot line in the show so shortly after Senator Kennedy's death!? I for one am outraged for the Kennedy family.

This week's show was pretty realistic-- I was surprised by the flashbacks to Bart's death and the complexity with which Chuck's character is developing. He's just about the only interesting person with any real depth on the show besides Lily. And he's basically one of the only characters I really like or care about, even though his life has become pretty dull. Serena is still stupid as ever. Maybe she'll finally get herself together after she recovers. Jenny continues to be conniving, insecure and impressionable-- I love that her own greed and lust for popularity and status are being set up to ruin her (rather than Eric taking her down).

A few things the guys at Daily Intel didn't catch:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Debutants wear WHITE

Gossip Girl, you surprise me once again--So yeah, Jenny is a b.tch, but I really actually felt bad for her... Although she was an idiot to needlessly be so rude to Blair, so she deserved having her escort stolen. As much as she deserved it, it was hard to feel any sense of justice. Who doesn't wanted to be accepted? And then, as I suspected would happen, Nate saved the day. One of the best moments ever on the show. And then Eric gets broken up with... Icing on the cake? And how is he planning to take her down in the future?? The tension between Serena and Trip is killing me...

Let's start with the good:

The nerds are back
+1 for consistency

Serena in an asymmetrical dress again
+1 for consistency

The announcer for the cotillion is the same as season 1
+5 for consistency

FINALLY the Dan Humphfrey-Vanessa hookup we've been waiting for

The terrible:

Why is Jenny having her debut as a Junior at Constance??? Yeah, I know that Serena and Blair debuted as Juniors but really, most people don't have their debuts until freshman year of college
(neutral for consistency with previous seasons)

OMFG! Debutants do not wear anything but white

The order of announcements would never change at the last second

The "I'm a Bitch" song at the Deb ball (great song and perfect for Blair and Jenny, but absolutely would not happen)

Why wasn't Dan at his sister's Deb ball???

Was that another keg in NYU dorms?? A great fantasy, sorry but no! Never gonna happen. (at least it wasn't a rooftop party)

How many Vanderbilt/Whitney's can the writers fit on this show? Nate and his family, Jonathan (who has never interacted with Nate).... Isn't there another well known rich family they can make people fictionally part of?

Friday, November 6, 2009


Sometimes I think that Blair's outfits on Gossip Girl are ridiculous but I love her recent outfit from Milly...

Too bad the Chain Link cardigan is $400... Santa baby!

(no compensation or free merchandise was received for this post)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gossip Girl: As Fake as That Escort's Breasts?

Gossip Girl shocked this week-- Brandeis was an escort? (in retrospect the hair and boobs should have been a dead give away) Nate falsely confesses? Trip's wife set up Grandfather? I never saw that one coming... The writers gain points once again for topical references to political events and pop culture, but I found several of the plot lines completely incredible.

The Good

Serena calls out Blair on her fake friends
Plus 1

The NY 1 news clip was so real that I fast forwarded through it on Tivo
Plus 2

Jenny finally gives up her raccoon makeup and looks quite ill (but why didn't they make it swine flu??)
Plus 1 million

Blair gloats over Patrick being a drunk and fixing the situation, implying that Serena, once again, is a total screw-up. This felt so real... who doesn't love to gloat when someone you're feuding with has a legit mess up?
Plus 1

As Blair notes, Paula Abdul is such a lush!!
Plus 5

"Nobody goes to the Mercer for the maid service they go to hear Russel Crowe throw a hissy"
Plus 1

"Throw a hissy"? And I thought Chuck couldn't get any closer to coming out
Plus 1

"Security just escorted her out"-- zing
Plus 1

Blair calling Serena a prostitute-- YES! (and surprisingly convincing logic) Serena pushes Blair's face in the cake! YES!! Drama finally returns-- Almost as good as the Yale explosion last year
Plus 5

The sexual tension between Trip and Serena was ridiculously uncomfortable to watch
Plus 2

The Bad

The reason that Serena has to bring her drunk fake-boyfriend actor to the election party is completely lame. And then he pees in the plants?? And isn't slurring his words at any point?
Minus 10

Why are Nate and Serena meeting down in the Financial District by Battery Park???
Minus 1

Really, you don't just call up New York 1 and get put through... and its unlikely Nate would have the number in his phone
Minus 3

They have sample sales at outlet malls??? Since when? I've only been to sample sales in the city, but none have ever been in an outlet mall (do they exist in New York??)
Also, like Chuck Bass even knows what an outlet mall is?? Please
Minus 15

Why is Blair just standing at the party cleaning out her hair when she could go up to the penthouse to change and shower? Girls like us like privacy and would never suffer the indignity of public grooming. Especially after we've been humiliated.
Minus 5

Why the heck would Trip's wife EVER admit that she just succeeded at framing Grandfather?? That's just arrogant and stupid. Especially when Grandfather hardly seems to know she exists and would have never suspected her.
Minus 10

Brandeis nonchalantly says -- "This is how I pay for college and couture" to Blair, admitting she is an escort--it just seems insane to openly admit to someone that you just met that you are a high-end escort who is sleeping with senators... Spitzer scandal anyone? And this girl is picking up guys at the party where there would be cameras and tons of media? What Senator thinks that would be a good idea? (although i guess people really are that stupid)
--- No points, just disgust with politicians and their hypocrisy along with mild jealousy over the girl's purses

Olivia was on Jimmy Falon twice within a week?
Minus 10

Jenny finally ditching her makeup puts us way into the positive (plus a million will do that) but I still find the episode fairly flawed. Although, I almost cried when Nate confessed and was appalled by Serena who ends up at the bar with a Vanderbilt. The last time we saw that it was her mounted on Nate... Are we supposed to think that she seduces Trip and crosses that line? I have to say I genuinely hate Serena. All of the dialog then was incredibly painful... I really hope that Serena doesn't prove her self to be the ...... we know she is.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Elizabeth McKay Fall

I recently begged my mother order these for me...

The one above in Tangerine, the one below in Brown and Orange. Perfect for Fall!

Disclosure: I received no compensation or free merchandise from Elizabeth McKay for this post

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gossip Girl: As Real as Bachelor Party Bongs

This week Gossip Girl played with our hearts. First-- Where the heck was Scott!?? Really writers? Really? Him not being there was almost as bad as the constant references to "Welcome Back Kotter" Mugs. What is "Welcome Back Kotter"? Chuck basically came out as bi to Blair. Then I was almost certain he was holding the door of his apartment mostly closed to her because he'd hooked up with the NYU alumnus, but he was all alone. I thought Nate was helping Serena and he turned out to be using her. Then I thought Carter would come back to Serena and he dumped her. I thought Blair was victorious over Vanessa, who I hate so much... everyone thinks she's so innocent-- finally they see her as the manipulative, lying bitch she really is. Then Blair blew it. Of course the stupid Humphrey-Bass family ends up happy in the end.

As real as the Chuck Bass Gay Kiss:

"You think I've never kissed a guy before?" No, no I didn't. Actually, I knew it all along, unlike Blair who it looks like the writers are setting up to be scorned by Chuck and another man.... Only someone at least half-gay could dress like Chuck, especially at his age (the writers also gain points here for syncing back up with the books)

The Buckley Boy has his collar popped as he really would... Oil moneyed Texans are uber Preppy cliches

The photoshopped picture of the bong and Trip
+1 (Because it is totally plausible that a picture like that could be betting material between Nate and the Buckleys and fooled me as much as Serena)

All of Vanessa's Mom's Lines- My god, she would be organizing a cheese workers union in Burlington, and "I don't use sugar; I only use agave"... I had been wondering forever who in the world buys that stuff from Whole Foods

Serena's Mom's lines and expressions were perfect once again- her honest advice to Blair, fake responses to Olivia and awkward reactions towards Vanessa's mom were amazing


Faker than Texans playing poker in their half-empty random giant warehouse (in New York)...

Where is Scott and why is there absolutely no mention of him??

There is no freshman toast given by a freshman at NYU or any college for that matter (please correct me if I'm wrong)... What imaginary tradition is this, seriously? And why would a 25 year old looking alumnus get to choose the speaker? Nobody is that distinguished relative to other alumni at that age.
-15 since the episode centers on this plot

Why is Serena wearing that evening dress to visit Nate? As if she knows what the night will behold... Not a chance. No real version of Serena would be clueless enough to wear that dress during the day with no expectation of wearing it at night. Whatever Serena was wearing to the office, she should have gone home and changed. Ugh, maybe she does belong at Brown. Her lack of showering (apparent in that hair) suggests so

I'm not sure if how Blair refers to her new NYU minions is awesome or reviling-ly fake... nuetral

Comes out well in the negative. Sorry writers.


Return of Gossip Girl Reviews...

It's crazy how school has completely consumed every free moment that I once spent shopping and blogging... I've been meaning to post my critiques of Gossip Girl (since the Daily Intel never seems to choose my posts for the recap of the recap) If you've missed out on this amazing read--

The past few weeks there have been some egregious flaws-- let's see, Scott turning down the opportunity to be a billionaire's son... until G cajoled him back last episode. Hilary Duff's character dating Dan Humpfrey? Is anyone else wondering what board lets a 18 year old without a college education or MBA help run a company?? And Chuck is cashing out ALL?? of his shares to by the Empire? (as if the Empire is worth billions, come on) And wears a bizarre kimono thing while massaging Blair? And Georgina, the master of deception is beat at her own game and swept away by a fake prince? Poppy Lifton not going to jail and nobody getting their money back?? The writers could have eliminated her from the plot line in a better way than that... really very lazy and hard to believe. I was also angry at the cheap shot the writer's took at investment banking families going broke since a know a few girls whose fathers have lost their jobs.

Although, at least Serena's mom is back-- finally. Her first episode back was full of golden lines-- finally telling Serena that college shouldn't be deferred to "find yourself" (as Chuck says "for people like us a degree is an accessory like a poodle or a Malawi child"-- brilliant-- although he really should be in school-- Does anyone think for one minute that Chuck would give up four years full of social superiority being the cool rich kid from New York, casual sex, binge drinking, smoking and cocaine at a school of his choice to be a boring business man?? The writers have seriously not thought about this one at all.) And there have been some great Mean Girls references- "Jambo!", some REAL celebrity appearances-- Tory Burch and witty lines that keep me watching.

Tonight I'll be posting my review of the latest episode and hopefully I'll have some fashion posts from campus soon, once I find a nice afternoon to go around taking pictures...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GOSSIP GIRL: As real as happy endings in the back of an upscale restuarant?

For some time I've been wanting to write my own Daily Intel style Gossip Girl review... Here I g go (please add your comments!!):

A somewhat realistic episode?

I found almost nothing too outrageous with last night's episode compared to last season... but there were a few amazing lines and a few glaring errors

As real as Nate masturbating to an L.L. Bean catalog...

Georgina’s wall hanging


Serena would be so stupid that she would think speakeasies existed because of the depression and not prohibition


Dan and Vanessa would think that popularity doesn’t exist in college

+ 300

"There was toro!" at Blair’s party (Blair would think that other people know what toro is and that it’s very expensive)


Marquee IS sooo bridge and tunnel on the weekends


Most of Dan and Serena’s outfits


OMJC shirts, again. Those Jesus freaks would only have those shirts.


"No headbands!"


Serena is finally a bitch again


Dan and Georgina-- Dan being a straight college guy would drunkenly hook up with her +15 (-10 for the couch on the roof. WTF? and another -5 for not sneaking away the next morning. I refuse to think his opinion of her could change that much in one night)


About as realistic as a keg party on the roof of an NYU dorm...

Chuck's joke about Liza Millnneli concert at Carnegie Hall and NYU gays.... like he would posess the knowledge to even formulate that joke (although he is bi in the books)


The homogenous outfits and general hipster/granola attitudes of the ENTIRE NYU student body


Carter's Hair-- very (0riginal) 90210.... boys from the UES would never try out that look


How did those Jesus freaks get in from upstate on such short notice? And if it wasn't a last minute call, why would Blair show up to the party hours before their arrival? (and that nobody would have been hitting on her... even hipsters aren't immune to a hot, lonely girl)


Sushi party—AGAIN?? OMFG? What is it with you writers? (points for graduating to Masa… but you still come out negative…)


How does that girl recognize Dan totally randomly?? Even if he was published…


You can not just request a roommate without mutual permission, everyone who has been to college knows this


Chuck Bass is struggling to find a location to open his speak-easy? HELLOOO --- His dad was the Donald Trump of this show! Not to mention he is a billionaire


Nate carrying the boarding pass to? London in his pocket?? Yeah right


Blair constantly in high heels. I’m from the upper east side and girls like Blair are my friends, and we don’t wear high heels constantly especially during the day.


The age inappropriateness of Blair’s red outfit


You would have totally told your doorman to keep his f****ng mouth shut about your guest and then slipped him a couple of $20's or a $100 if finding out about your escapade means tears. Or go to Nate's place. B. Buckley, epic fail. -50 (plus +5 for being stupid about obvious things when filled with lust)


Everything about Blair’s party


The fact that Blair was incapable of finding any other rich and fashionable girls at NYU of all places to be her minions... really??


That nobody left the party to go to Monkey Bar with Blair


Butter and several other Blair hangouts from previous seasons are well below 14th st making her comment on the MET stairs about never going downtown in high school seem ridiculous. After all the only place to get drunk on the UES is Dorrian's or other people's places. And the shopping in the LES/Nolita/SoHo/West Village?? c'mon -25 (+20 Blair would make a ridiculous generalization like that while suffering cognitive dissonance)


We come out well in the negative for the roof party and the Chuck story line... I hope this gets to the writers so that they can watch out in the future



Monday, September 14, 2009

Jack Rogers... gone terribly wrong

Courtesy of the Jack Rogers facebook page


Don't mess with a classic!!!!!!

New CK Bradley for Fall

One more I must have!

I can't wait to see the rest of the fall line...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still Clinging to Summer...

I just loaded some pictures from my blackberry onto my computer and found this picture.

Please ignore the studded flats (very Tory Burch BUT... also very Goth high school/skater girl with "depression" who wears all black and self-identifies as "emo" or "hipster". Seriously Tory, what were you thinking?? I like to walk on the wild side once in a while, but verging on S&M dominatrix is not my idea of style.) Jimmy, how could choo??

Instead focus upon the open toe Valentino heels covered in pearls... I'd nearly sell my soul for one weekend that I could wear these. I just love the cluster of pearls look in necklaces, and these shoes make me weak in the knees.

Exhibit 2:

Peacock may be my new Coral for fall... Lilly Pulitzer has some cute peacock prints and I found this little number at Bloomingdales in SoHo a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Best Part of Fall...

Besides the Extra 20% of the FINAL SALE at J. Crew, the CK Bradley Sale! (click here)

I really don't need another summer dress, but this one has colors that can transition well into fall.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best Name for a Dress...


More than a few people have called me a bitch in my life. But at boarding school a new nickname caught on behind my back-- The Ice Queen. Looks like Tibi made a dress just for me. And it's fabulous.

photo courtesy of http://www.revolveclothing.com

The Ice Queen Dress

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School

But I'm bringing the beach with me.

Check out this awesome coral print backpack from R. Williams. My sister knows the founder of the company who makes them so I got one at a private trunk show just on time for the start of school. They had some cool tote bags too, but I can't resist a coral print!

And best of all, you can hardly see the logo. Very Chic.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tory Burch Fall... FAIL

My feelings on Tory Burch have been mixed for some time now. I'm in a love hate relationship between her bold prints that I looove and her way overused, oversized logo that makes me feel like a walking advertisement. Seeing so many old women on the UES with tote bags screaming her logo, I've begun to think that only someone old enough to be going blind must be able to stand some of her stuff.

Her fall line is not great. I'd say that in some instances its a little too Ralph Lauren for me. And I for one, find Ralph Lauren disgusting overall as a brand. The man is a genius. His clothing is abhorrent. (Big Pony? Please, the next time you see a friend wearing something from Polo or Rugby, slap her across the face to help her wake up)... Back to Tory.

I say RL because of the new logo or coat of arms she is putting on everything... which come to mind reminds me also of JUICY Couture (An oxymoron if I ever heard one). The whole trying to establish one's brand as legitimate by creating a look designed to mimic the noble Anglo ancestry that some WASPs posess is just despicable. It's trying waaayy too hard.

I originally thought of this post though, when looking for decor for my dorm at Marimekko, and noticed a huge similarity between them and Tory Burch's new Fall print. Are her designers blatantly ripping off Marimekko???

You decide.

Back-to-School Decor

With a couple gorgeous needlepoint pillows from By Paige , I think I'm going to have the most chic dorm room around.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Summer Dresses

Yesterday after a delicious lunch at Creperie on the Lower East Side (I highly recommend the brie, basil and sauteed mushroom savory crepe), I went shopping in Nolita for a new dress for Nantucket this weekend. Here are some of my finds:

This one was on sale since the store (Variazioni) is going out of business. (I could almost see why, as the roof of the store was gushing water into a waste bucket as you walked in the door)

I found my coral...

Yesterday, I was walking through the Union Square farmer's market and found some great pewter coral earrings. Check out Little Dipper Castings. They also have some other great summer stuff like these sand dollar earrings. Very affordable too.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gorgeous Print

So, I'm officially obsessed with this site called Etsy. Artists and craftspeople that produce small quantities of quality, handmade goods sell their stuff, and some offer custom services.

And OMFG, how cute is this tote? The color is gorgeous, and the attention to detail is amazing. The woman (whose studio is called Willywaw) who makes these makes all of the fabrics specifically designed for the bag, so that the prints match up perfectly. And did I mention the color?? I love that shade of blue. But the bag is truly green-- it's made locally (local to me-- in Rhode Island) and uses organic cotton canvas. Love it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Coral Craze

The city is getting so hot I'm sorry I'm not back on Nantucket. Where I would be wearing this Milly swim suit:

I'm not much for one pieces, but my coral obsession pushed me to buy this one. I hope the weather holds up, because I'm hoping to be tanning on 'Sconset this weekend (rather than completing a puzzle). I suppose I can imagine myself away out on my roof.

Next coral items I'm after:

Smathers and Branson needlepoint belt (love the tortoise buckle)

This cute wallet/checkbook cover I found on Etsy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gift for Dad

How great are these silver cufflinks (Odette New York) that I found as a gift for my father's birthday? I only wish they did a shiny version in earrings or a necklace.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goodbye ACK, Hello FML

One word:


I wish I could write that it's destroying my summer, but I haven't even had a summer yet. What's a girl to do but find some killer wellies, a cute trench coat and a much needed umbrella? All black of course. I'm mourning the death of the sun.

My pics:

Jimmy Choo for Hunter
Alligator Rubber Wellington boot

Hunter may be a little too much of a WASP cliche for me. But bringing Jimmy Choo on board is pure genius. Subtle, understated, and very fitting. After all, alligators love water.

Burberry Rain Coat--Classic. Easy. Check.

Add black umbrella of your choice.

All images and items available from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mid-summer in the Park

The other day I checked out the Roxy Paine installation on the top of the MET. It was awesome. The sculpture was customized to the space and created a very surreal environment.

The top of the MET with the UES in the background.

Interesting collar for a dress

The MET is becoming one of my favorite places to see interestingly dressed people. I feel strange approaching strangers for pictures, but look back in a few weeks for when I've worked myself up to it...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson's Fashion Legacy

I can't remember if the deluge of fedoras in the city occurred before MJ's death. They're everywhere now and I'm going nuts trying to remember if I noticed so many a few weeks ago. Interesting sartorial coincidence if the trend was going on before. Perhaps now the trend will get even stronger?

One predicition I have though, is that gloves will be in style starting this fall. I thought this was going to happen before MJ died, but now I'm even more certain. Rihanna and others have been seen wearing a single white glove as a tribute to MJ. As far as I know, the only time that a girl dons gloves (besides winter) is for her deb ball. But I think gloves are going to be making a comeback like they haven't seen since the time of my (great?) grandparents.

Walking around Union Square the other day, I noticed a Juicy Couture (BTW--gross-- I am not approving of the brand even though I'm mentioning it) window display. It featured mannequins wearing debutant-length gloves in bright colors. They were kind of cool. I'd never wear them, but it gave me hope that other designers might be group-thinking the same thing as me. I've read in at least one other blog that people want gloves and other formal accesories of bygone eras to come back into fashion. Hopefully MJ will be the final pebble falling to precipitate an avalanche of beautiful gloves.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Swim Cute

Subtle. Simple. Love the hardware.

Monday, June 29, 2009

So (Ho?) Cute

After weeks of unseasonably rainy and cool weather, I'm off the island and back to the city for the week or so. I was lucky enough that it cleared up for a beautiful day of shopping in SoHo, where I spotted this little number:

Mother always told me bold, candy-apple, ferrari red is a shade reserved for licentious women. Hester Prynne did nothing to abolish this stereotype from my mind. Associations with communism made it even less attractive. So naturally, by wardrobe is nearly free of anything approximating scarlet. Even Valentino couldn't sway me. But then...

As I was walking, the coral pattern of this silk dress captured my instant attention and made me reconsider all my thoughts about red. It was a revelation. This pattern really wouldn't be as good in a lighter shade. (Although, I think it could be just as great in a bold electric blue)

I was hesitant to post anything regarding my love of coral on this blog lest it be bastardized by the aspirationally preppy masses, but this is just too good not to share. What do you think? At under $100, a steal, no?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Round Sunglasses? Forget it.

It seems that everyone in fashion journalism is obsessed with round glasses for summer. I'm here to tell you otherwise. I don't care how hot Daniel Radcliffe is; among my friends, round glasses are just not happening. While Ray-Ban Wayfarers may be soo last summer for some, they have certainly caught on more strongly among my friends since Spring Break 09.

The more fashion forward kids at my school returned from last summer sporting New Wayfarers (the smaller frame is much more flattering than the original for most). October 08 was filled with lots of dress-up parties where girls came dressed as Tom Cruise from Risky Business. (Is it just me, or who doesn't love wearing oversized oxfords and the rest of that look?) The homecoming game featured tons colored knock-off Wayfarers in school colors. After building the first half of the school year, the look took hold again in Spring and isn't being replaced. As I look around my peers at Sconset, not a round lense to be spotted.

Love the folding Tortoise model. (image from Amazon.com)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tent Party

Perhaps the thing I love most about Spring and Early Summer are the tent parties. A few shots of dresses I recently liked:

I just looove the shades of blue.

The white and orange combo looks great too. Especially with that blue clutch.

Great colors.

This Deerfield girl loves her green. And I love the vintage CKB; I have the same dress in Blue.