Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tory Burch Fall... FAIL

My feelings on Tory Burch have been mixed for some time now. I'm in a love hate relationship between her bold prints that I looove and her way overused, oversized logo that makes me feel like a walking advertisement. Seeing so many old women on the UES with tote bags screaming her logo, I've begun to think that only someone old enough to be going blind must be able to stand some of her stuff.

Her fall line is not great. I'd say that in some instances its a little too Ralph Lauren for me. And I for one, find Ralph Lauren disgusting overall as a brand. The man is a genius. His clothing is abhorrent. (Big Pony? Please, the next time you see a friend wearing something from Polo or Rugby, slap her across the face to help her wake up)... Back to Tory.

I say RL because of the new logo or coat of arms she is putting on everything... which come to mind reminds me also of JUICY Couture (An oxymoron if I ever heard one). The whole trying to establish one's brand as legitimate by creating a look designed to mimic the noble Anglo ancestry that some WASPs posess is just despicable. It's trying waaayy too hard.

I originally thought of this post though, when looking for decor for my dorm at Marimekko, and noticed a huge similarity between them and Tory Burch's new Fall print. Are her designers blatantly ripping off Marimekko???

You decide.


  1. Poor Tory and the Logo. But as the story goes, you become 'IN', get BIG, and then comes the alienation of your core original customer who loved you when you meant something. When every Amy, Sarah and Liz are able to find it at every mall..well, it loses appeal. And thus we keep looking for the 'finds' and originality in design.

    LOVE hidden logos...where the piece speaks more than the logo, and the logo is more of an afterthought. YUM. Goof finds and thoughts. I like 'em.

  2. Thanks Camilla! I love finding the hidden logos in your prints btw

    Readers see:

    This is how it's done!