Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GOSSIP GIRL: As real as happy endings in the back of an upscale restuarant?

For some time I've been wanting to write my own Daily Intel style Gossip Girl review... Here I g go (please add your comments!!):

A somewhat realistic episode?

I found almost nothing too outrageous with last night's episode compared to last season... but there were a few amazing lines and a few glaring errors

As real as Nate masturbating to an L.L. Bean catalog...

Georgina’s wall hanging


Serena would be so stupid that she would think speakeasies existed because of the depression and not prohibition


Dan and Vanessa would think that popularity doesn’t exist in college

+ 300

"There was toro!" at Blair’s party (Blair would think that other people know what toro is and that it’s very expensive)


Marquee IS sooo bridge and tunnel on the weekends


Most of Dan and Serena’s outfits


OMJC shirts, again. Those Jesus freaks would only have those shirts.


"No headbands!"


Serena is finally a bitch again


Dan and Georgina-- Dan being a straight college guy would drunkenly hook up with her +15 (-10 for the couch on the roof. WTF? and another -5 for not sneaking away the next morning. I refuse to think his opinion of her could change that much in one night)


About as realistic as a keg party on the roof of an NYU dorm...

Chuck's joke about Liza Millnneli concert at Carnegie Hall and NYU gays.... like he would posess the knowledge to even formulate that joke (although he is bi in the books)


The homogenous outfits and general hipster/granola attitudes of the ENTIRE NYU student body


Carter's Hair-- very (0riginal) 90210.... boys from the UES would never try out that look


How did those Jesus freaks get in from upstate on such short notice? And if it wasn't a last minute call, why would Blair show up to the party hours before their arrival? (and that nobody would have been hitting on her... even hipsters aren't immune to a hot, lonely girl)


Sushi party—AGAIN?? OMFG? What is it with you writers? (points for graduating to Masa… but you still come out negative…)


How does that girl recognize Dan totally randomly?? Even if he was published…


You can not just request a roommate without mutual permission, everyone who has been to college knows this


Chuck Bass is struggling to find a location to open his speak-easy? HELLOOO --- His dad was the Donald Trump of this show! Not to mention he is a billionaire


Nate carrying the boarding pass to? London in his pocket?? Yeah right


Blair constantly in high heels. I’m from the upper east side and girls like Blair are my friends, and we don’t wear high heels constantly especially during the day.


The age inappropriateness of Blair’s red outfit


You would have totally told your doorman to keep his f****ng mouth shut about your guest and then slipped him a couple of $20's or a $100 if finding out about your escapade means tears. Or go to Nate's place. B. Buckley, epic fail. -50 (plus +5 for being stupid about obvious things when filled with lust)


Everything about Blair’s party


The fact that Blair was incapable of finding any other rich and fashionable girls at NYU of all places to be her minions... really??


That nobody left the party to go to Monkey Bar with Blair


Butter and several other Blair hangouts from previous seasons are well below 14th st making her comment on the MET stairs about never going downtown in high school seem ridiculous. After all the only place to get drunk on the UES is Dorrian's or other people's places. And the shopping in the LES/Nolita/SoHo/West Village?? c'mon -25 (+20 Blair would make a ridiculous generalization like that while suffering cognitive dissonance)


We come out well in the negative for the roof party and the Chuck story line... I hope this gets to the writers so that they can watch out in the future




  1. hey EB,

    almost as good as the Daily Intel. looks like you caught a few things they didn't. (the line about cool kids not existing in college was so spot on-- I had a whole group of friends at Williams who refused to acknowledge that there was an "in" crowd of popular and good looking people).

    btw the rest of your blog is great!

  2. Sorry this comment is on an older post where do you find CK Bradley. Let me know. xoxo

  3. her stuff used to be available via her flagship on the UES if you wanted to try stuff on. i'm not sure if there are any boutiques in the city that carry her line. i know how her dresses fit me so i just order via ckbradley.com. you can also find boutiques that carry the line on the website.

  4. That girl recognizes Dan because he somehow mentions his name while talking to Serena on the phone, I just do not remember the exact line