Monday, October 19, 2009

Return of Gossip Girl Reviews...

It's crazy how school has completely consumed every free moment that I once spent shopping and blogging... I've been meaning to post my critiques of Gossip Girl (since the Daily Intel never seems to choose my posts for the recap of the recap) If you've missed out on this amazing read--

The past few weeks there have been some egregious flaws-- let's see, Scott turning down the opportunity to be a billionaire's son... until G cajoled him back last episode. Hilary Duff's character dating Dan Humpfrey? Is anyone else wondering what board lets a 18 year old without a college education or MBA help run a company?? And Chuck is cashing out ALL?? of his shares to by the Empire? (as if the Empire is worth billions, come on) And wears a bizarre kimono thing while massaging Blair? And Georgina, the master of deception is beat at her own game and swept away by a fake prince? Poppy Lifton not going to jail and nobody getting their money back?? The writers could have eliminated her from the plot line in a better way than that... really very lazy and hard to believe. I was also angry at the cheap shot the writer's took at investment banking families going broke since a know a few girls whose fathers have lost their jobs.

Although, at least Serena's mom is back-- finally. Her first episode back was full of golden lines-- finally telling Serena that college shouldn't be deferred to "find yourself" (as Chuck says "for people like us a degree is an accessory like a poodle or a Malawi child"-- brilliant-- although he really should be in school-- Does anyone think for one minute that Chuck would give up four years full of social superiority being the cool rich kid from New York, casual sex, binge drinking, smoking and cocaine at a school of his choice to be a boring business man?? The writers have seriously not thought about this one at all.) And there have been some great Mean Girls references- "Jambo!", some REAL celebrity appearances-- Tory Burch and witty lines that keep me watching.

Tonight I'll be posting my review of the latest episode and hopefully I'll have some fashion posts from campus soon, once I find a nice afternoon to go around taking pictures...


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