Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gossip Girl-- As Tacky as Ridiculing Dead American Heroes

I'm not going to write much this week, mostly because I'm offended by the insensitivity of the usually current-event-savvy writers. Do none of them realize the obvious parallel in this weeks car crash (in which a congressman flees a car accident) to Senator Kennedy's Martha's Vineyard tragedy? And if they do, how dare they include such a plot line in the show so shortly after Senator Kennedy's death!? I for one am outraged for the Kennedy family.

This week's show was pretty realistic-- I was surprised by the flashbacks to Bart's death and the complexity with which Chuck's character is developing. He's just about the only interesting person with any real depth on the show besides Lily. And he's basically one of the only characters I really like or care about, even though his life has become pretty dull. Serena is still stupid as ever. Maybe she'll finally get herself together after she recovers. Jenny continues to be conniving, insecure and impressionable-- I love that her own greed and lust for popularity and status are being set up to ruin her (rather than Eric taking her down).

A few things the guys at Daily Intel didn't catch:

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