Monday, June 29, 2009

So (Ho?) Cute

After weeks of unseasonably rainy and cool weather, I'm off the island and back to the city for the week or so. I was lucky enough that it cleared up for a beautiful day of shopping in SoHo, where I spotted this little number:

Mother always told me bold, candy-apple, ferrari red is a shade reserved for licentious women. Hester Prynne did nothing to abolish this stereotype from my mind. Associations with communism made it even less attractive. So naturally, by wardrobe is nearly free of anything approximating scarlet. Even Valentino couldn't sway me. But then...

As I was walking, the coral pattern of this silk dress captured my instant attention and made me reconsider all my thoughts about red. It was a revelation. This pattern really wouldn't be as good in a lighter shade. (Although, I think it could be just as great in a bold electric blue)

I was hesitant to post anything regarding my love of coral on this blog lest it be bastardized by the aspirationally preppy masses, but this is just too good not to share. What do you think? At under $100, a steal, no?


  1. It's a wild idea. I don't think I could wear it so..., but then again I don't think I look good in anything bold, so I stick to black, blue, beige and white. I love Nantucket btw!!!

  2. Sorry..., that was the wrong profile page.