Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson's Fashion Legacy

I can't remember if the deluge of fedoras in the city occurred before MJ's death. They're everywhere now and I'm going nuts trying to remember if I noticed so many a few weeks ago. Interesting sartorial coincidence if the trend was going on before. Perhaps now the trend will get even stronger?

One predicition I have though, is that gloves will be in style starting this fall. I thought this was going to happen before MJ died, but now I'm even more certain. Rihanna and others have been seen wearing a single white glove as a tribute to MJ. As far as I know, the only time that a girl dons gloves (besides winter) is for her deb ball. But I think gloves are going to be making a comeback like they haven't seen since the time of my (great?) grandparents.

Walking around Union Square the other day, I noticed a Juicy Couture (BTW--gross-- I am not approving of the brand even though I'm mentioning it) window display. It featured mannequins wearing debutant-length gloves in bright colors. They were kind of cool. I'd never wear them, but it gave me hope that other designers might be group-thinking the same thing as me. I've read in at least one other blog that people want gloves and other formal accesories of bygone eras to come back into fashion. Hopefully MJ will be the final pebble falling to precipitate an avalanche of beautiful gloves.

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