Monday, March 8, 2010

Gossip Girl... Back and More Ridiculous than Ever

Serena and Damien exchange at the beginning was some of the worst writing this show has ever seen. I wanted to vomit at every word... "And you won all the athletic awards" .... Who talks like that????

Why the heck do the drugs have to be exchanged at the ambassador dinner? It's true that boarding school kids are experts at getting drugs into challenging places, but that type of elaborate plan seems completely unnecessary. And since when are the ambassador state dinners held in New York?

Nate would never have read "Anna Karenina." Blair continues to have the best lines.

Nate and Serena are both complete idiots so it does make sense that they both immediately forget Chappaquidick II, Serena turning down Nate for Trip and go to banging on the Waldorf's floor.

I was wondering why Serena and Nate were at the Waldorf's but of course Serena is headstrong enough not to have made up with her mother who was right about EVERYTHING.

Damien was so perfectly cast... looks like Patrick Bateman and Nate combined. And so cute.

But of course Serena isn't into Damien... He is shorter than her. He can't be more than 5'7.

I love Jenny showing up with Nate... when are they going to get together??

Why is Rufus intent on ruining things???

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